Rosehip Face Oil


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30 ml

Cold pressed from the fruit of Rosa Canina , our Rosehip Face Oil is suitable for all skin types. It improves the texture of skin and works well in scars and pigmentation. It has high antioxidant content and does not leaves any sticky feeling on skin. It is a dry oil and sinks into skin easily.


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Ingredients: Cold pressed Rosehip oil from the fruit of Rosa Canina.

  1. Rosehip Face oil has the following benefits:
  • High in Linoleic Acid i.e Omega 6 Fatty acid
  • It has comedogenic rating 1.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is high antioxidants content and works well for scars and pigmented skin.
  • It has dry texture that gets absorbed into skin very fast without leaving any sticky residue.
  • It restores skin barrier function and prevents moisture loss.
  • It is helpful in lip pigmentation as well.
How To Use
  • For Skin : Use 1-2 drops on damp face after face wash/ toner and dab it till absorbed.
  • For hair: Mix with Argan oil and use as hair serum. You can also mix with your regular hair oil and massage on scalp.
  • For best results apply at night on clear face and gently massage till absorbed.
  • For pigmented lips dab 1-2 drops on lips and leave at night. Use along with hibiscus powder pack and see remarkbale improvement in 15 days.
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Shalini K.

Pure rose hip oil. Excellent quality.