Orange Mandarin Soap


Net Weight

100 Gram

Orange oil penetrates the skin well thereby giving smoothing and nourishing effect whereas Mandarin oil maintains moisture balance of the skin. Made using traditional hot process technique these handcrafted soaps by Urvi Naturals are the most luxurious and scrumptious way to care for your skin. Paraben free and Sulphate free these soaps won’t leave your skin dry unlike other commercial soaps. Our soap contains castor oil and glycerin for extra nourishment.



Ingredients: Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Cocoate, Castor Oil, Glycerine, Sodium Stearate, Sugar Syrup, Orange Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, Orange essence, FD&C Color.

  1. Sodium Palmitate: Sodium Palmitate is the sodium salt of Palm Oil and is made by reacting Palm Oil with Sodium Hydroxide. This process is called saponification. Once the saponification is complete, the product is free from Sodium Hydroxide (Lye). Sodium Palmitate acts as an surfactant and emulsifying agent in soaps.
  2. Sodium Cocoate: Sodium Cocoate is the sodium salt of Coconut Oil made by reacting coconut oil with sodium hydroxide. It is a mixture of fatty acids, coco and sodium salts. It is a surfactant and emulsifying agent in soaps.
  3. Castor Oil: Extracted from the seeds of castor plant, castor oil has a thick and viscous texture. It contributes to large bubbles and is known for its cleansing properties.
  4. Glycerine: Glycerine is a natural humectant which gives clarity to soaps as it makes soap transparent. It also adds moisture to skin. Due to the humectant property of glycerine, soap sometimes sweat during rainy season as it attracts moisture from air.
  5. Sodium Stearate: Sodium Stearate is a fine white powder and is the sodium salt of stearic acid. It acts as an emulsifier and is used to harden soaps. It also has the ability to make product opaque and contributes to creamy white foam.
  6. Sugar Syrup: Sugar syrup is added to get transparency and it also contributes to bubbly lather.
  7. Orange Essential Oil: Orange essential oil has detoxifying and cleansing properties that heals and nourishes the skin.
  8. Mandarin Essential Oil: Mandarin Essential oil imparts tangy citrus aroma to soap.
  9. Orange Essence: Imparts fragrance to soap. Free from Phthlates and other harmful chemicals.
  10. FD& C Color
How To Use
  • Wet soap and apply on body to gently cleanse the skin.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep soap dry when not in use.
  • Soap might sweat in humid conditions.
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