Jasmine Kewda Soothing Body Mist


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100 ML

Hydrate dull, tired skin with non greasy steam distilled infusion of aromatic plants distillates. This body mist is made from Jasmine Distillate and Kewda Distillate that hydrates and softens skin and maintains skin pH balance leaving skin refreshed and revitalized. It comes in a glass bottle with eco-friendly packaging.

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Jasmine Kewda Body Mist is made from floral distillates of Jasmine and Kewda Flower that is not only natural but also alcohol free.

Ingredients: Jasmine Distillate, Kewda Distillate, ECOCERT preservative

Jasmine comes from Kannauj region of Uttar Pradesh also known as Perfumery Capital of India. Freshly picked jasmine flowers are placed in traditional copper containers known as deghs and water is added. The entire solution is steam distilled for 4-5 hours resulting in premium quality jasmine water.

Kewda water is prepared from Kewda flowers.

Both the floral waters are preserved with natural preservative that complies with ECOCERT norms.

How To Use

Spray mist to soften and hydrate your skin. Use before moisturizer and after sun to keep skin refreshed throughout the day. Can equally be used on face as well. Also works well as final step following makeup application. Can also be used in face packs when mixed with powders or scrubs. You can also keep in fridge for better cooling effect.