Hi Guys! I am finally back with my latest blog on how to get rid of Acne Scars.

I often receive lot of queries on how to cure acne scars and this is something that I have faced myself since my teenage years. I used to suffer from acne once I attained puberty but over the years I realized that it is very important to treat the root cause rather than going for temporary relief in the form of medicines.

Acne main cause is the hormonal imbalance and constipation apart from stress and bad lifestyle. It is very important to keep your stomach clean and have healthy food habits. This not only curbs acne but also keeps skin healthy and glowing. Water intake is a must atleast 1.5-2 ltrs every day. This not only helps in bowel movement but also keeps your skin hydrated. Foods that can aggravate acne should be avoided like hot coffee, chocolates and dairy products. Although you can have them once or twice a week but it is better to keep the portion limited.

I have tried lot of Kitchen remedies but till date these ones are my favourites and I regularly follow them for my oily skin and acne scars:

1. Youghurt Gram Flour Pack : This pack is excellent for keeping oil under control. I have tried this so many times and it is the most effective till date.

1 tbsp youghurt

1 tsp gram flour ( besan )

2-3 drops of lemon juice

Mix all together and make a paste. It should be semi thick. If not adjust the portion of youghurt or besan accordingly. Apply on face and leave for 15-20 mins. Can be used twice a week. Also please do a patch test before using lemon juice as some people skin can be sensitive to it.

2.Sandalwood Rose Water Pack

1 tbsp sandalwood powder

1-2 tbsp rose water

Mix well both and apply on face. Leave for 15-20 mins or till dry.

Again really good for oily skin. This not only controls sebum production but also removes pigmentation and cures tanning. However it is very important to use pure sandalwood powder which is difficult to get these days. Contact me if you need pure sandalwood powder. I get that locally and the quality is really good.

3. Tulsi Lemon Juice for Scars

This is one remedy that I swear by. It actually cures the marks in 15 days. Try it and trust me you will never be disappointed.

4-5 fresh tulsi leaves ( depending on scars)

2-3 drops lemon juice ( or 1 tsp white butter if your skin is sensitive to lemon juice or you can dilute lemon juice)

Take fresh tulsi leaves and mix with lemon juice. Apply on affected area and keep for atleast half an hour. Do this everyday and you will remarkable improvement in your scars. I am using this remedy for old stubborn scars and it has never failed to impress me.

Also for pimples I would advise using Lacto Calamine Lotion at night. It is very good for acne.

Avoid touching your pimples too often and always use rose water/alcohol free toner to wipe your face apart from washing your face twice a day with good face wash.

If you have any further queries please comment below.