Cold pressed from the beans of Ricinus Communis plant, Castor oil is native to Mediterranean region as well as tropical regions of Africa and India.

It is a thick oil with very light yellowish color and faint aroma. Due to the high fatty content, it delays signs of ageing by deeply moisturizing softening and soothing the skin. Medicinally, Castor Oil has been used as natural laxative with 4-5 drops in warm milk at night.

When applied tropically, it has myriad number of uses such as:

  • Due to its anti fungal properties, Castor oil treat scalp infections well by eliminating bacteria. Just mix 4-5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil with 10 ml each of Castor Oil or Extra virgin Coconut Oil and Neem Oil. Apply on scalp and leave for atleast 30 mins before washing off with mild shampoo.
  • Castor Oil is a very good emollient. It has the ability to heal dry chapped skin thereby acting as natural moisturizer. Suffering from dry cuticles? Massage few drops of Castor oil in nail area. Nails will be healthy and shiny too.
  • Castor oil relieves the discomfort of sore muscles and joint pain especially for people suffering from arthritis.
  • It also boosts blood circulation thereby making it an ideal body massage oil. Warm the oil and massage all over body for better absorption and relief from dry skin.
  • Castor oil and Kalonji oil work really well for thick hair thereby promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall. Mix equal quantities of both and use as hair oil for atleast a month. Hair will be thick and shiny and also hairfall will be reduced.

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