Indian households have always been synonymous with using Haldi since ancient times. Turmeric, also known as the golden spice of life belongs to ginger family Zingiberaceae.

The usage of Turmeric dates back to 3000 B.C and is said to have originated from South or Southeast Asia mainly Western India. The botanical name of Turmeric is Curcuma Longa L with Curcumin being active ingredient. Curcumin is a powerful polyphenol that decreases the risk of cancer, works as an antioxidant, anti inflammatory agent and also reduces blood fat and sugar levels. Apart from Curcumin Turmeric also contains minerals such as Manganese, Iron, Copper and Potassium that are equally important.

There are many varieties of Turmeric but the turmeric from Meghalayan region commonly known as Lakadong has high curcumin content around 7 and is highly antiseptic in nature.

Here are some of the ways in which one can use Turmeric in their daily routine:

  1. Immunity Booster : Due to its anti bacterial and anti viral agent Lipopolysaccharide Turmeric helps stimulates the immune system thereby boosting immunity. A teaspoon of Turmeric with a pinch of pepper in a glass of warm milk is ideal in winters. This concoction not only keeps body warm but also protects the body from cold and flu. Since Haldi is quite warm it is recommended to keep the dosage low and to take on alternate days.
  2. Relieving Joint Pain:Turmeric is very good at relieving Joint or Arthritis Pain. Combine half a teaspoon each of Haldi powder and Fenugreek powder and take with warm water once a day. Again the dosage has to be low and thrice a week is sufficient.
  3. Face Pack for Tanned Skin :Haldi has been used since ancient times in Indian marriages for soft glowing skin and it’s a traditional Grandma Secret too. Combine 1 tbsp youghurt with half tsp haldi and 2-3 drops of Lemon juice. Apply on face and leave for 20 mins. Wash with cold water. This treatment not only prevents blachkeads but also keeps oil secretion in control. Please not that this face mask is for oily acne prone skin only. Not recommended for dry or sensitive skin.
  4. Body Ubtan: Take 1 tbsp each of Turmeric powder, Rose powder, Hibiscus powder and Chickpea flour. Add 2 tbsp mustard oil and 1 tbsp youghurt. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Adjust the consistency accordingly. If the mixture is dry add more oil. Apply all over body and scrub off once dry. This ubtan will help to get rid of dead skin thereby making it smooth and shiny. You can use this twice a week for soft glowing skin.

How do you use this ingredient in your daily routine.? Please share your valuable tips and feedback in comments below..